Income Gain or Capital Gain?

Channel your difficult investment decisions to two simple goals.
Generate a new stream of income and build for your future capital.

How we deliver

  • Extensive Data

    Our data pipeline precisely
    processes vast data ranging from
    company fundamentals to
    transcripts that date back to as
    early as 1910.

  • Talented Researchers

    Our researchers include world-class
    mathematicians, physicists and
    computer scientists to power
    financial science.

  • Scientific Approach

    Our engine explores falsifiable
    hypotheses with data-driven
    approaches, but in a scalable way
    powered by machine learning.

  • Distributed Computing

    We are seeking to push the frontiers
    of finance using distributed
    computing to power our proprietary
    portfolio engines.

Seeking Better Yield

“How can I effectively generate an income flow from current assets?”


Income is essential for your everyday life, whether it be extra income or retirement pension income.


7% annualized target monthly income is brought to you by MPAY which represents a potential  investment in various asset classes such as:

  • U.S. Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Treasury Bond
  • Commodity
  • Corporate Bond
  • Global Infrastructure

Seeking Better Returns

“How can I effectively grow future assets from my current income flow?”


Another motivation behind an investment decision is to maximize future gains from the present capital. 


To be released in the second half of 2023.

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